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Best Gifts for Kids? Air Soft!

Satisfying a kid with gifts may seem impossible. Be it Christmas or a birthday gift choosing a gift for kid can be a real headache. But one gift for which kids may crave with glittering eyes is a gun. But any ordinary gun may not satisfy them . An air soft rifle is the toy which […]


5 Parenting Tips To Use Before Going To Parent Teacher Conferences

Depending on how your child is performing in school, parent-teacher conferences can be a mystery until you begin the conference.  Below are some parenting tips that you may find helpful before you even step into the classroom and meet with your child’s teacher. 1. Have a discussion with your child and ask your child the […]


6 Steps To Reducing Math Anxiety

Remember when your child came running home from school all excited to share his or her new found skills in counting to 100, adding single digits and solving animal word problems?  What happens in a child’s life where one-day math is fun and the next is anxiety driven?  Below are some simple, but yet helpful […]