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5 Parenting Tips To Use Before Going To Parent Teacher Conferences

Depending on how your child is performing in school, parent-teacher conferences can be a mystery until you begin the conference.  Below are some parenting tips that you may find helpful before you even step into the classroom and meet with your child’s teacher.

1. Have a discussion with your child and ask your child the following questions:
a) ”How do you feel you are doing in school?”
b) what is your biggest concern about school?
c) What is one thing positive and what is one concern that your teacher is going to share with us about your school performance?
d) If your friends were hers, what would they say about you while you are at school?

2. If your school has an online student grading system that you can see before you go to the conference, download the information provided on your child. Review the information. Print it off and bring it with you to the conference.

3. Ask your child to show you some of his or her assignments before you attent the conference.

4. Questions to ask your child’s teachers at the conference: a) “How does my child interact with other children?” b) “Is my child doing his best?” c) What do you feel are my child’s greatest strengths and weaknesses?” d) Is my child involved in all the school activities that you would like to see her participate in?”

5. No matter what happens during the conference, be prepared to end the conference on a positive note. Prepare yourself to be proactive and open to new ideas that the teacher may share. Try to encourage your child to attend the conference.  It’s their conference too!

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Chris Wallace

I am Chris Wallace. A Child and Teen Education and Parenting Counselor.